7 days to cure an infection?

I’m just about to run out of Antibiotics, which means when I take the last one tomorrow morning, I’d have completed the 7-day cycle. So has the infection been cured?

Not sure. I’m still coughing. It isn’t as bad as it was in the beginning, but it’s still there. I asked the doctor last week about the cough medicine that the Humana doctor prescribed for me. He was quick to explain that sometimes, they just don’t work. What was important, according to him, is to treat the infection. So stick with the antibiotics, and you should be good. I did, but I’m not sure of the results…

Maybe whatever’s hit me (and the boyfriend, and so many others at work) still lingers in the air. Makes me think about the benefits of having a dehumidifier.  I wonder how much one costs? I think that would be a good investment for companies like ours where people are prone to catch whatever the other person has.

If not that, maybe they could flush out the vents or something? We don’t have windows that could be opened to let air in/out, see. So it’s like we’re breathing recycled air for the most part of our days. Oh well.

I’m just thankful I did not get conjunctivitis! Two of the TMs in my shift got them, Liza to my right, and Phillip behind me. One a week after the other. :S