Save with Ensogo

Online shopping and saving with coupons is not yet widely known or used in this country. But there’s a new service in town that combines online e-commerce and coupon deals for the Pinoy that is slowly changing this. Enter Ensogo.

From the FAQ page of their site, they say that ENSOGO stands for: ENtertainment SOcial and GO. There is no fee to sign up for Ensogo and yet you will be in for a lot of savings. They ensure the best deals and prices for the merchants and even have a 30-day guarantee for them. Only one deal at a time is available for purchase so it’s vital to take advantage of the offer as soon as you hear about them.

Paypal, Bancnet ATM, and over-the-counter bank payments are accepted. I prefer paying with my Paypal balance because to me it feels practically free that way, there’s no need to touch my budget and salary 🙂

Since signing up, I have bought in to two of their offers:

I haven’t used this one yet but I got two vouchers for a total of five hundred pesos, and it is good for a thousand peso value. What it means is that we can dine at Chef’s Bistro (not too far from where I live) and we’ll only have to pay for what goes over a thousand pesos. 🙂

For this deal (still active as of this writing), I got three vouchers and paid 450 pesos in total. Each voucher is valued at 600 pesos. That’s one voucher for each of the vehicles in this household. Of course I asked my dad first if this was something he could use and he said yes.

I missed out on a pretty great deal for EZ Grow which would have been good for hair and scalp. I’ve had hairfall problems again lately and notice that my hair’s getting thinner. The featured product earlier this week would have been the perfect solution. Oh well.

I almost forgot, another wonderful thing about Ensogo is that 3% of the purchases from the site are donated to the charity Children’s Hour.

So head on over to Ensogo and sign up under my link and help me win an iPad while you’re at it 🙂