Sunday Morning TV

Since waking up this morning, I’d been seated in front of the TV enjoying Sunday morning TV while also blogging and reading tweets.

Matanglawin with Kuya Kim

Today was Kuya Kim’s first day back after having a heart operation. It was an episode for reminiscing the two years of Matanglawin. He talked about his favorites, and explained a lot of things behind them. Like the story of his infamous hat, his favorite shoes used for the show, and even his trademark short pants.

Kuya Kim is really the trivia king. In fact, when we were stumped for the scrambled letters of the word reception and couldn’t guess what it was, my instinct was to tweet him! Haha. 🙂

Next week, they’ll be showing the procedure done on Kuya Kim, the first time it was ever performed in the country. I’m looking forward to that.

After Matanglawin, they showed Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin in Sigaw. I’d seen it already and wasn’t much interested in seeing it again so I pretty much just flipped channels back and forth. I tuned into to ShopTV for awhile, even to a movie with the Pacman on GMA (Dad insisted!). We only really settled again when it was time for the ASAPXV opening number. The gorgeous men of ASAP were at the lobby of ELJ! Right where I could have been had I still been working in the building, haha. It would have been time for a break and I’d be headed down just at that moment! Wahahaha!

But the opening number didn’t have the ooomph that most other ASAP opening numbers have. Maybe it’s the fact that they weren’t singing live. I wish they’d stop pre-recording their songs because they don’t need too! All of them are wonderfully great singers and performers. They should be insulted that they need to pre-record. If an artist can’t sing, then don’t make them. Just have them dance and we’ll still watch them 🙂

How’s your Sunday morning viewing?