Are you Disaster Prepared?


Living in a disaster-prone area (we’re number 5, high risk for flooding), one would think that we’ve learned our lessons and are ready for another big flood. Well, in some ways we are, but in other ways, we’re not.

Two things inspire today’s post. First, the flash floods triggered by Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro City and nearby areas in Mindanao. Iligan is also affected. Second, a Pin I found on Pinterest.

Before I proceed though let me link you up to where you can send help for the victims of Sendong:

– Link list from How to help Sendong’s victims. Donating thru your mobile is also possible!

Sagip Kapamilya account numbers for cash donations

– Local Groupon also gives you an easy way to Donate to the victims of Tropical Storm Sendong today! (Red Cross gets your donations)

Prayers are free.


As for the Pinterest inspiration, here it is:

Source: via Vera on Pinterest



Do you have a disaster plan for your home and family? Do you at list have an emergency bag you can grab as you head out of your house? We have batteries, flashlights, and a battery-operated radio. Apart from that, we don’t have an emergency kit. We don’t even have a first aid kit anymore.

I think that this big problem of disaster unpreparedness in the country stems from the fact that we aren’t that conscious of preparing for what may come. I mean, seriously, if you’re Pinoy and living in the Philippines, do you have an emergency plan for your family in case of fire, flooding, massive power outages, earthquakes, etc?

Of course, the government is supposed to take care of us in situations like this. They have institutions specifically tasked with this purpose. It is their job to think of us. But if we want them to get better at it, we probably should start at home. Propagate the message until it becomes part of culture to be ready for any form of disaster or natural calamity. We have to be proactive, rather than reactive. That goes for both government and its citizens.

After Ondoy, companies checked on their buildings’ emergency exits and provisions. Fire drills were scheduled and executed. Whistles were given away. Good start. But what have we done in our own homes to ensure we are ready? What have our schools done to ensure the safety of our kids should tragedy strike while at school?

I mean, truly, our national disaster management plan must be reviewed ASAP. More localized ones should be too. If the national government is too slow in coming up with a better plan, let’s do the reverse and start from home. Maybe we can influence the village, the barangay, district, city and move on to provinces and the whole country.

We can all do something about it. And I’m not talking about sending in your donations after tragedy strikes.

Finally, click through that link along with the photo. This parent’s letter to her son, made me tear up a little.

And here’s a blog that kinda fits the theme of this post. The Burning House shows photos of people’s answers to the question:

If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

I’m still thinking of my answer. Have you thought of yours?