Storm Surge

The country has been bracing for this Super Typhoon Yolanda for days. At first, it seemed like we had triumphed over her, but as we gain access to the worst hit areas, we are learning just how much devastation she left behind in the Philippines.

As of latest official count, there are about 134 casualties. After what we’ve seen in the footages, and what we’ve heard from journalists and people on the ground, that seems like a very conservative count. The poor communication lines, and island-wide power outage, are probably keeping the officials from confirming the numbers.

But no matter how many, or how few lives were lost, it is still one or a hundred too many. 


Dr. Mahar Lagmay of Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) was interviewed on ANC today, and it was mentioned how the government has actually allocated money for advanced equipment to forecast weather conditions. He said too that the PAG-ASA and NDRRMC actually released an accurate model showing the path of Super Typhoon Yolanda. They were able to predict where it will hit landfall and identify the areas that will be most hit. The warnings were given, and resources were mobilized. It is sad though that some people still chose to stay in low-lying areas, and sadder still that identified evacuation areas were also submerged when the sea came rushing inland.

Storm surges are not new. We’ve heard it mentioned before. But it looks like no layman actually understood what it meant, until now.

Atom Araullo’s coverage in the morning of November 8 has been played over and over. One minute he was out on the road showing everyone how strong the winds were, and how rain was falling in every direction. Next thing the viewers knew, he had gone up the building where his crew was to take shelter, and the water had come rushing into the city.

The people were ready for the strongest typhoon in the sense that they left their homes and sought shelter in identified evacuation centers. Multi-purpose halls, gyms, and schools, were the usual areas. But it wasn’t just the wind and debris they needed shelter from, water brought in by the storm surges proved to be the biggest concern.

Dr. Lagmay said that storm surges were nothing new, and the warnings indicated the high probability of having them. So why weren’t appropriate evacuation centers identified? Why have the people relocate from the shoreline to one-story structures inland? Perhaps, it was really a lack of understanding of what exactly storm surges are. Now we know. Next time, we’ll know better.

Here’s hoping that the spirit of bayanihan once again prevails and sees us through this ordeal as one united people. Here’s praying that when we rebuild, we rebuild with the lessons of this experience well considered. Here’s to wishing that when we look back to remember YolandaPH, it is resilience and pakikipagkapwa that we see, and not the looting of Gaisano.


Image by Edzel Rubite.

Indeed, the Filipino spirit is waterproof. This has been proven time and again. But much needs to be done in the hard hit areas. Road clearing, delivery of goods and services, rebuilding. Many homes were washed out, even businesses. Let’s extend any help we can, here’s a few channels:

ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Pledge Lines – 411-0183, 411-0182, 411-0115

UNICEF Philippines – One-time donation page (if you’d like to start monthly donations and be a Champion for Children, even better!)

Gawad Kalinga also set up a page.

Potable Water from Air

The social media is all about sharing stories. A lot of times, there’s crap out there, but there are rare gems. There are stories that inspire, and give hope. There are stories that, when told properly, spark a revolution. We choose which stories to share and read. We choose which stories survive.

One story I found on my Facebook timeline today is about this collaboration between a Peru University and an advertising company. They setup a billboard that actually generates potable water out of air. Details are found in this linked article, but I am also embedding a Youtube video of this project below.



We probably thought that water was  an unlimited resource. After all, about 70% of the Earth’s surface is made up of water right?

But not all water is readily usable, much less drinkable. There are areas all over the world where clean, potable water is a life-or-death issue.

The technology they used in this billboard project is something that can be replicated in many parts of the world. Granted, currently the cost of maintaining the setup might be too expensive, but harnessing the power of the sun (solar energy) could make it more affordable, and sustainable.

This is the kind of innovation and innovative-thinking we need to solve the country’s problems.


What do you think?

TOUGH LOVE by Human Nature–Natural Dishwashing Liquid

As mentioned in Where the Moon Shines, Human Nature today released its new products, including this 99.97% Natural Dishwashing Liquid!

ToughLove Dishwashing Liquid HN

Tough on grease.
Kind to your skin.
Gentle on Mother Earth.

Doing the dishes ain’t fun especially when you’re draining toxic chemicals back into our waterways. Not with our natural dishwashing liquid! It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, 99.97% natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals! Mean on the grease yet kind to your skin, our natural dishwashing liquid’s perky grapefruit-orange scent suddenly makes washing the dishes a chore you’ll adore!

250ml: P99.75 | Special offer: P89.75 (SAVE P10!)

This is definitely a product that deserves to be on kitchen sinks the world over. Caring Moms need not worry, this is safe for washing your baby bottles and feeding utensils. I am definitely going to try this.

What about you? What is currently on your kitchen sink? For my family, it’s the Joy Dishwashing Liquid. We’ve used it for years, it was definitely the better alternative to the paste dishwashing detergents that left my hands dry and itchy. Very soon though, I will be heading to the Human Nature branch to stock up on some Tough Love!

Just leave me a message should you want to order, or if you have questions about Human Nature products. Smile

Tough Love by Human Nature–100% Natural Liquid Detergent


Today, Human Nature’s latest products are already available for purchase!

Among its newest Earth-friendly, fair-trade products, is Tough Love – 100% Natural Liquid Detergent!


ToughLove HN


Who says you have to go all softy on your dirty laundry? No way! Be TOUGH where it matters and be LOVING where it counts.

Our all-natural liquid laundry detergent makes sure your family’s clothes smell clean & fresh with no harsh chemical residue leftover leaving the fabric kinder to their skin. It’s non-drying on your hands, non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% free from harmful chemicals, keeping you, Mother Earth and her waters happy. Tough on dirt, gentle on the earth!

How do I LOVE thee? Let me count the ways!
1. No phosphates
2. No chlorine
3. No bleach
4. No dyes
5. No enzymes
6. No petroleum
7. No synthetic fragrances
8. No optical brighteners
9. No harmful chemicals
10. No compromise

950 ml: P329.75 | Intro offer: P299.75 (SAVE P30!)

Leave a comment for your orders, or if you want to know more about Human Nature products Smile


Skin-salvation from Human Heart Nature!

When I started sharing my love for HN products again this year, one of the most in-demand product was the new Strawberry Hand & Foot Salve. Before that though, HN already had a staple in its roster of products, the Eucalyptus Hand & Foot Salve. Now it has been repackaged, with a new minty scent, that has oregano, spearmint, and lemon balm extracts.

It promises to soothe dry, cracked skin, giving a mild cooling sensation for a truly relaxing and refreshing experience.

human nature eucalyptus salve

Many hand and foot creams and salves in the market right now use synthetic feel modifiers. Feel modifiers are petroleum by-product ingredients, like silicone and dimethicone. These sit in a layer on top of your skin keeping the moisture in but at the same time, clogging your pores and trapping in sebum, dirt and bacteria.

According to www.ewg.org, there is insufficient toxicity data to know if dimethicone and silicone are safe for use in personal care products. So why use them at all?

Our salve contains none of these feel modifiers. Instead, we use premium all-natural plant oils to give soothing and softening relief to your hands and feet.
Here’s an overnight treat for dry skin and cracked cuticles: After applying our 100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve on your hands and feet, put on socks and gloves before you go to bed. Voila! Softer, refreshed skin when you wake up. ?

human nature hand foot salve

I personally prefer the sweet scent of strawberry, but the minty Eucalyptus would be perfect for those looking for a more relaxing, soothing feel to their salve.

As always, contact me for orders of any and all Human Heart Nature products.

*Photos and quoted text from Human Heart Nature’s Facebook page.

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