Love is a Battlefield

Today is video day on Where the Moon Shines. Yes it is.  Smile

First up is a Pat Benatar video from the ‘80s, Love is a Battlefield. The movie 13 Going on 30 was on cable again this afternoon and I watched it, again. I also watched it last week when they showed it. I couldn’t NOT see it. Haha!


This song was a theme song for Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner). She and her 13-year old friends sang and danced to this video during their slumber party. It was seen on this scene here:


image source: Hollywood Jesus

I realize that the movie probably isn’t for everybody, but I honestly liked it. I’m a nice person, see. Smile

Now the second video for today is actually an Ikea vid I saw from Patty Laurel’s blog. It shows many options for maximizing small space. I need this. We need this!


Amazing isn’t it? But I must admit, it takes a lot of creativity to achieve this. I wouldn’t have thought of all those possible configurations on my own. And I doubt if I could still recreate it without the aid of a professional. Ugh. We need a room makeover. Or if we eventually move to our unit besides my brother at San Benissa, we definitely could make improvements there. This is definitely an inspiration. Smile

Seen any good videos lately? Link me up! Smile