Hanging out w/ the Team

Another week is almost over. Thank you Lord that though Typhoon Helen did come around keeping us wet and on our toes, there was no flooding this time around.

On Sunday, we drove out to Pansol, Laguna, my team and I. And we just hung out. Here are the photos to prove it (please play the vid so we can get at least 100 views? hahahahaha!):


We were supposed to stay at the LaRoca Resort, and we made it there before the 2PM check in time.


But we decided to find alternative lodgings upon learning that the area where the cottages were got flooded from the recent monsoon rains. The pools are okay, and so are the actual rooms. But the surrounding area of the cottages didn’t look so good.

So off we went to try our luck in other private resorts. It wasn’t so difficult to find one within our budget range.

We ended up Villa Valeta. It has a small hot spring pool, a dining/videoke area, a stove and a tank of gas, and a grill. There were three rooms that could fit 3-4 persons each. There were 9 of us, so it was a perfect fit.

Food was great, and we didn’t lack of booze. It was fun all around. Smile

We’re already planning the next one, haha!


Anyway… here’s a video I saw on the HONY website today. Cute!