Sample Room

When I first heard about Sample Room, I didn't get excited. I thought it was just like the BDJ Box where you take out a monthly subscription to receive a box of beauty samples. I was wrong. Whereas the BDJ Box wasn't a fit for a non-beauty product junkie like me, Sample Room is actually a good fit for the kikay in me that's interested in taking care of herself better this 2013. 🙂


My first order arrived a few days after payment confirmation. It came in pretty little brown packaging.
In batches, product samples are posted On the website and members can request any or all if them, in exchange for points. New signups are awarded 100 points. if you want to order a lot of samples and your points aren't enough, you can buy more points.
This first order isn't really for me, it's a LAB Series sampler for men. Alfred was the one who sampled it.
The boyfriend immediately tried it. He reported that it felt good to the skin, and there was no tingling or itchiness felt after use. His only complaint though is that these were very smal. Ha!
A few days after using the products, I posted a review on Sample Room on the boyfriend's behalf. By doing so, I was awarded 1 extra point. Then upon approval of my review, I got all 80 points back from the order. Neat! Of course, I used my points to get more samples – AHAVA products that arrived today! Will try them very soon!
So, without a doubt, I am loving Sample Room! 🙂