MARCHing On!

As predicted, Feb was definitely Fab SmileI must admit though that I still wasn’t able to translate it’s fabulousness into blogging. Still need to work on that. Smile

Blessings still keep on coming, so I must remember to be grateful, and to share the love whenever and wherever possible.

Thank You for work that continues to challenge me.

Mostly, I’ve been keeping busy at work. I can’t say that we ended the month with more fabulous scores than January, but we did rally and got to a better standing than where we were at start of month. I can only hope the team Marches on for March.

Thank You for putting sense into my head and getting me on the road to financial maturity and security.

I added to my savings and increased my portfolio in February. Really feel good about that. Signed up for Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club before the month closed. Maybe I’ll get to write a review in a few weeks. For now, I’m still trying to see my way around. The downside is that this month we ate out a lot. We should definitely get back to having lunch at home or at our more affordable eating places, aka Becky’s Place.

Thank You for family time, and short trips. And for opportunities to appreciate the beauty of Your creation.

Five years ago, my parents and I took Esban to Paradizoo. On the same day this year, we went back, but with Amir in tow! It was such a fun, fun day.

We stopped by Rose and Grace Bulalo at Sta. Rosa, Laguna for lunch. Amir didn’t eat much but was happy to try feeding himself. He loved the soup of the bulalo though, he had a lot of it!


When we (finally) arrived at ParadiZoo, he was raring to go! He walked and ran a lot that afternoon and didn’t seem to get tired. He had all three of us struggling to keep up!


It took him awhile to warm up on the mini-pony ride, but he definitely loved having to feed the animals. He even walked straight up to a goat, but then backed off when it jumped up to meet his face hehe.

Thank You for good food, with good company.

There was the Pan de Amerikana brunch. A Valentine’s dinner (Eastern Time, because it was actually brunch time of the 15th Manila time) at Banapple. Dinner at the Chocolate Kiss. And a very satisfying lunch at our new favorite, Greeka Kouzina. It was our second time here, and we were not disappointed.

Photo Mar 05, 5 09 57 AM

And the countless fast food drive thru take outs.

Thank You for friendships and the occasions to see them. Oh, and for photobooths too! Smile

February was a month to celebrate many things, friendships included.

Rico and Jallen got married! We finally met Rico’s better half, on their wedding day on 2/23.  It was such a fun reception. Beautiful wedding. While we were all decked out, we went for coffee and movie at Resort’s World after the reception. All but three of us fell asleep while watching Bruce Willis!


The next day, Alfred and I went to my goddaughter Popot’s first birthday. Of course there had to be a picture with all of the original members of the YP-ACSEC core group SmileWe couldn’t fit anymore, not only have we all grown up, but all of them have had kids too. Ako na lang ang wala!


Alfred and I rarely have photos together. But we love photobooths!


We even got to connect with Arianne, a good friend from college, after the party. She lives in the area so I asked her out for coffee after the party. We spent a good three hours or so just chit chatting and catching up. Alfred didn’t complain about the time, good boy. Smile


Thank You. Thank you, my dear readers for taking the time to visit!

I feel like there is so much more in February, that truly my cup runneth over. There were definitely times when I’d pause and think if this is the life I would have chosen given another chance, but then I realize I am better off than others. That I should be thankful for the life chosen for me. So I MARCH on, I MARCH forward!

What happened to your February?