Epic Game

I have a confession to make. It isn’t just sleep, reading, and crocheting that’s taking up my spare time. Playing the free iOS game EPIC is too.

Epic - free from Gameloft

We went to see the movie last month (in 3D) and we enjoyed it so much I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out the game. It is free after all.

The app icon sports Nod’s photo. I wish it was Ronin or MK instead, or even the slugs. Haha!

nod icon

But he looks guwapo in his Leafman uniform, so okay na rin. 🙂

I like building my kingdom, training units, and doing battles. It’s a good thing I removed my CC info from my Apple ID or else I’d have bought a bucket of Aura already in exchange for more workers. So the game also teaches me to be patient, and to maximize the time of my workers so I could achieve what I want.

Battles could be Single- (against Boggans) or Mutli-Player (other users). I haven’t lost yet!


But I really hate the waiting part. I want more workers so I can continue to expand, upgrade, or harvest ingredients!

Here’s how my kingdom looks like right now:


I’m not an app/game reviewer so this post probably lacks the finer points of a review that would convince you to check it out for yourself. But I play games on my iPhone, and I definitely love this one.