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I have a confession to make. It isn’t just sleep, reading, and crocheting that’s taking up my spare time. Playing the free iOS game EPIC is too.

Epic - free from Gameloft

We went to see the movie last month (in 3D) and we enjoyed it so much I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out the game. It is free after all.

The app icon sports Nod’s photo. I wish it was Ronin or MK instead, or even the slugs. Haha!

nod icon

But he looks guwapo in his Leafman uniform, so okay na rin. 🙂

I like building my kingdom, training units, and doing battles. It’s a good thing I removed my CC info from my Apple ID or else I’d have bought a bucket of Aura already in exchange for more workers. So the game also teaches me to be patient, and to maximize the time of my workers so I could achieve what I want.

Battles could be Single- (against Boggans) or Mutli-Player (other users). I haven’t lost yet!


But I really hate the waiting part. I want more workers so I can continue to expand, upgrade, or harvest ingredients!

Here’s how my kingdom looks like right now:


I’m not an app/game reviewer so this post probably lacks the finer points of a review that would convince you to check it out for yourself. But I play games on my iPhone, and I definitely love this one.

Doodle Defense

In line with my efforts to use the iPad more often, I brought it along when the boyfriend and I went to Gilmore to see what was wrong with the PC. While waiting, I actually learned to play Doodle Defense!


Not only that, I managed to finish the Forest map at Easy 🙂


Today, while we had no cable and Internet service, I finished the same map at the next difficulty level. I’ve also started downloading a few more apps.

I also learned to capture screenshots from here, and to attach photos to my post.

Yay for my iPad! Now, if only I could take and use it in the office…

Angry Birds Cake!

Did you see the video? Did you watch it? It’s one cool birthday cake, talk about being interactive 🙂

I have Angry Birds Seasons on the iPad and I find it harder to crack than the original version. We lost pretty much all our apps after upgrading to the latest iOS and having the device jailbroken. No big deal really, but we haven’t had time to redownload apps and discover new ones.

There also hasn’t been much time to go through our photos from Cebu and organize my thoughts for my blog posts. The boyfriend didn’t post-process our photos anymore and he’s started uploading them to Facebook so that should be a good place to start. It was a happy time and I definitely want to share highlights here, and scrap pages too! I haven’t had time to consolidate because I went back to work a few hours after touchdown in Manila but I’m bound to get to it, right? 🙂

Another thing I haven’t had time for is learn more about and take advantage of the Wii for fitness. We should definitely bring it down to the living room where there’s more space to move.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and channeled good vibes while I was away. So what has everyone been up to?

Apps I use on my iPad

Since the iPad already came with its own email client, I didn’t have to search for an alternative email app. Otherwise, I would have just used Safari to check my mails. I find that my Internet usage on the iPad is different from how I spend my time online on my PC. When online though (when within range of a Wifi network), you can bet that I’d be checking mail, or launching my most used App:

TweetDeck for iPad:

image from

It looks just the same way as it does on my PC. It also allows preview of images and pages linked to from the tweets. Only downside is that it crashes sometimes and I haven’t been able to ascertain the reason.

Flight Control HD

image from

image from

I think I’m addicted to this game! My highest score is only about 143 aircrafts landed. I wonder if there are other maps available in the game?

Angry Birds

image from

I have seen Angry Birds mentioned a lot on my Twitter feed from people who’ve had their iPads before me. It’s a pretty challenging game, haha. 🙂

Diner Dash: Grilling Green

image from

Playing Diner Dash on the iPad was a lot more fun than using a mouse on the PC. I can imagine how Cake Mania would be like 🙂 I finished the entire game already.

I also use Safari to get on Facebook and other sites but there’s this other app that can be used for tabbed browsing. Ma plays Plants Vs. Zombies on there too but I haven’t tried it. The Farmville app I have crashes, I haven’t had any luck launching it. I have FreeBooks and iBooks but haven’t read an ebook just yet. Marvel is a wonderful app to have too, it’s a different comics experience. Love it! 🙂

My iPad’s loaded with so many other apps, including two recipe boxes, that I don’t feel I’ve maximized it yet in the week that I’ve had it. No worries though, I’m just taking my time. This girl’s not about to get tired of her toy just yet. 🙂

Do you have an iPad? What’s your most used app yet? What’s your favorite?

Guitar Hero Metallica

Have you tried playing it? Guitar Hero Metallica is ?! or should I say, it rocks! 🙂

I actually haven’t been doing much GH lately, but the boyfriend was kind enough to get me the game when he was out to get new ones for himself. Ain’t he sweet? 🙂 And he lets me hog the PS2 just to enjoy it too. Another thing, you know those GH Arcade machines in the mall? He lets me play there too. I think he’s secretly proud of me, haha!

Anyhoo, for those who are back to check for updates on my weight loss diet, things are still going well. The Sexy Chef wasn’t able to deliver food for today because of the systemic blackout everyone in Luzon encountered yesterday due to Typhoon Basyang. But you know what? That wasn’t a problem for me. I had plenty of food left over from the previous day (it was due to my messed up body clock) that I had enough until lunch. After work, I had some shopping to do and bills to pay so we headed out to the mall. There, we had a nice lunch at Kenny Rogers where I had the Hi-Protein meal minus rice and drink. I still took some pictures, but I’m in a rush just now so you’ve got to come back tomorrow for those. 🙂

I am excited to share though, that I got myself another phone! I’ve got the new S phone from My|Phone. It’s a girly phone really, with Swarovski Zirconia for buttons and a Qwerty keypad. I took a photo, also to be shared tomorrow. It’s still cheap, and I have a buyer for my two-month old My|Phone so I’m not really spending much. I swear, this is the last time I’m switching phones at least for a year unless someone else gives me one. 🙂

I also, brace yourselves for this, got to buy myself a dress to wear for my friend’s wedding! This is a big thing, believe me. I haven’t been able to squeeze into a decent dress in a very long time. I’ve attended four weddings in the past year and had to settle for nice tops with my slacks when I really wanted to dress up and be all girly. We were both surprised actually, the boyfriend and I. Haha. But there, I’m not so sure I’ll be posting photos of myself wearing that. I might just keep that private for awhile. 😉

So there. I really am in a rush so sorry if there are grammar errors on this post! No time to reread 🙁

Catch you all later! 🙂

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