Beware when Taking a Cab!

I heard from a friend yesterday, but I was nursing a very bad headache so I didn’t really understand what her message was about until a few hours ago.

She was robbed by a taxi driver and his accomplice:


She is okay, according to her message, and she just wanted to share the link to the news piece. I said I was glad she’s okay but that I couldn’t load the video so I didn’t know the details. Today I got to see the video, and I am horrified!

I’d taken taxis to and from work at odd hours and one of the things I was fearful for was exactly this kind of modus-operandi. No matter how careful we are, it can get difficult at times. I am just very thankful for her that she had the sense to remember the plate number, and that police acted swiftly and apprehended the thugs on the same night.

I laud my friend for being brave and not letting the bad guys get away with what they did. Others would have given up and just gone home. I want to hug her and reassure her. And to greet her an advanced happy birthday.  But I’ll see her very soon.

To every one else, please stay safe, and beware. Call your trusted cab companies like World/Cord.  Or use that app for iOS/Android called Grab a Taxi or something. I know it’s no guarantee, but it’s a start.