Our Favorite Restaurant: Zensho

Something as simple as deciding where to eat used to ignite senseless fights like this one. When it came to Zensho though, it’s always a unanimous decision 🙂

We go there for either lunch or dinner, once every month. The serving staff are already quite familiar with us. On last month’s visit, it was a particularly busy night. Friends were going to meet us there so we asked for a table for four. To our surprise, when we were ushered to the next available spot, it was only for two. Apparently, the lady assumed we only needed a small table because she got so used to seeing just us two regulars.

Stitches & Words | Our Favorite Restaurant : ZenshoFor sure they don’t serve the best in Japanese cuisine in Metro Manila. But they serve decent food, at a really good price point. And most important of all – they have an eat-all-you-can promo for food that you order ala-carte.

I am thankful for Zensho, for all the comfort its food has brought us on every single visit; and for the all-too-familiar setting we love going back to specially when we need to do some stress eating!

**This post is still part of my 30 Days of Thankful series.