Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen ideas for a TT (also known as my TT#19 on the 19th)

I’ve been wracking my brain for a Thursday Thirteen post but I just cannot make up my mind. I’m sure if I started writing things will just spill out but I don’t want to do that. Haha 🙂 

  • I thought about posting Thirteen shares from my mailbox but it may be a little too tedious for me to work on just right now. I’d have to download graphics and then post them up here. Because I wanted to browse at the same time, it would take at least an hour to finish off such a post.
  • Since I was going through my Entrecard visitors, I figured, why not post links to thirteen random blogs in my EC inbox?
  • Then I had another idea, why don’t I try out all the gym equipment we had around here and then post about my attempts at thirteen ways to use the Nautilus? Okay, I scrapped that – me, do gym equipment? Huh. Oh, then I remembered seeing an ad for an elliptical, and if we didn’t already have a treadmill, I’d totally show it to my dad. I had a chance to try one of those when I was still signed up at a gym (yes, I had that phase too), and it doesn’t look as simple as it looks!
  • I just setup my photoblog right? I thought of posting thirteen photos up there, ones I have not posted here yet, but I scrapped that idea too. I’m just not up for it. Tomorrow I will definitely add more content there though.
  • Now, Alfred is currently off somewhere at a job interview. He doesn’t really need a new job, but since the opportunity presented itself, he’s giving it a try. I don’t want him to leave for petty reasons, but I did think about blogging thirteen reasons why he shouldn’ move. Haha. But I’m a supportive girlfriend, so I scrapped that idea too.
  • Another idea was to post thirteen freebie digiscrapping finds but I want to post only stuff I really liked and also downloaded myself.  So like the other ideas, I didn’t have enough time to go hunting. That takes up a lot of time, believe me 🙂
  • I have twenty agents in my team currently, plus our two techleads, that’s twenty two people I can write about. I could have written about the first thirteen and then the rest on another week, plus other personalities at work to complete the thirteen. Hmm maybe I will do that.
  • I’ve been thinking of reasons to leave my job, just because I’m so tired of working. But maybe I should think about thirteen reasons not to. You know? After all, I really should be greatful that I have a job in times like these.
  • Here’s another idea that I just thought of – I could go into my saved conversations from my Windows Live Messenger and post thirteen bits of conversations I’ve had with my contacts. That would be fun! 
  • I’ve been browsing through so many WordPress templates/themes and I thought I’d post thirteen of my favorites, but I don’t think I actually have thirteen. Hmm.
  • I could pick my top 13 for American Idol’s Season 8, but I haven’t actually been following it this season. In fact this is the first episode I’m going to see. (It’s on right now)
  • Ahh, I could rant about thirteen headlines from the past couple of days! But that would take too much emotion. And some of those really just frustrate me. 
  • Oh my gawd, there’s 270 million pesos up for grabs on the Lotto tonight, and none of us in this household got a single ticket! I could be ticking off thirteen ways to spend that money right now…

Wait – that’s thirteen! What do you know! haha 🙂

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Thursday Thirteen #18: My New Team

Thirteen Thoughts on my new Team 🙂

1 It’s a crazy world that I am currently in. Perhaps it really is all just about timing. But many things are done differently, it confused me for awhile.

2 I have had no alone time so far in the recent two weeks. I have spent most of my day going to and fro just to meet with my agents, or attending meetings left and right.

3 I can get used to it. And the work really is doable. It just seems daunting at first but when you get right down to it, you can actually finish the stuff in no time. I may change my mind about this though. After all, I haven’t really had to do ALL that has to be done yet.

4 My new kids are a fun bunch. They have already developed bad habits, but because they’re mostly non-tenured, it can still be fixed. I have the impression that they just need TLC, with a sprinkling of nagging 🙂

5 Our stats for the first week I’ve been with the team are looking good. I hope it’s just the beginning of a winning streak.

6 The management team is a fun bunch. Hardly ever 100% serious. 🙂

7 The schedules are CRAZY! But hopefully it will get better in the coming weeks.

8 I’m not sure when I will actually know each TM by name, much less befriend each one. There’s just too many!

9 My Inbox gets filled a LOT faster than it used to. The volume of mail doesn’t seem to be that much, but there are just a lot of big attachments maybe? I keep on archiving on a DAILY basis versus a weekly thing.

10 We have daily pre-shift huddles. It’s become more like an hourly huddle for me because my agents come in at different times throughout my day. It’s okay really.

11 I have the best rest days! Back to the Friday-Saturday offs of my OL days 🙂

12 It’s supposed to be a high energy environment, but some of my agents aren’t hyped. I hope to change that real soon. Go team spirit! 🙂

13 I really hope we reach the goal this quarter. It won’t just mean job security, but pride. 🙂

Thursday Thirteen #18 – Sending you hugs!

Do you pray everyday? I don’t. At least not in a way that I speak to God directly. I’m pretty sure though that I send up one form of prayer or another, on a daily basis.

Like, when I say: Ingat or “take care.” Usually to someone on their way home from work, or to my dad on his way back from a trip. What I think I really mean is – “Lord, take care of him/her.”

I don’t devote a specific time of day to just have conversations with God. I used to pray every night though – just to give thanks mostly and that was a long time ago. I didn’t just decide to stop praying, it just happened.

I belong to this online group where women just chat about anything and everything. It is not strange to have someone talk about an illness she has, or something that a family member is getting treatment for. Even when I don’t pray a lot, I find myself responding to their emails and saying that they’ll be in my prayers. Sometimes I feel bad doing that, because I don’t really pray, so I just say they’ll be in my thoughts. 

But then I realize, that when I do read what they say, and when I reply back about sending a quick prayer on their behalf – I actually am praying for them. 

The way I see it, whoever God we pray to, He can hear us whenever we call out – in whatever manner.


When blog hopping, I find myself to be more conscious about comments I leave. I rarely say that i will pray for someone because not everyone believes in prayer. So when I read a post and I feel compelled to reach out and just say something – I just leave/send out virtual hugs. I’m not so good with words, you see, and I know that nothing I say will be truly comforting. And somehow I feel that hugs would be better when truly meant. I feel that a hug may mean as much to the giver, as to the receiver.

Here are 13 graphics to give out HUGS (or just to say “I’m here if you need anything”):



What about you, do you leave comments saying you’ll be praying for someone and really do? Oh, do you feel that when a blog friend leaves you hugs, she really means it?

Anyway, if you’re playing TT, leave a link so I can visit you too 🙂

Spread the hugs!

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Thursday Thirteen #17 – Site Changes

Over the weekend (and still ongoing) my site has been through changes! So for my seventeenth edition of Thursday Thirteen, here are both subtle and obvious changes to

  • 1- The main theme/template. From bright to dark.
  • 2- Changed the default logo that came with the theme. I might be changing that one again this weekend though.
  • 3- Removed the About the Author and Ads sections of the Sidebar
  • 4- Added ads under the Header and under the Footer, but only for the Main Index page.
  • 5- Changed the way Archived posts are displayed. The default display only listed the contents but I wanted the actuall posts shown too when you clicked on a Category, for example.
  • 6- Edited the appearance of the Threaded Comments Plugin to match the template.
  • 7- Removed the “author” property (e.g. posted by verabear) for each post. I don’t feel that I need it because I’m the only one who posts here anyway.
  • 8- Added a gallery plugin – NextGen – which I may not be able to use after all because I’d have to pay per additional 8M of PHP memory.
  • 9- Changed the color scheme for my Bidvertiser and Google Ads.
  • 10- The Subscribe area. I never had one although the previous template also had an RSS link by default.
    Still looking forward to changing/adding the rest…
  • 11- A photo gallery that’s hopefully integrated with WP
  • 12- Top Commentors plugin
  • 13- I might add an Instant Messaging Control box so we can chat real time when I’m online 🙂   I had one back when I was still blogging at my Blogger address but the only one that ever chatted with me was Tracy and we chat on Messenger all the time anyways. Haha. Maybe I’ll get to know more blog readers next time I set it up, or at least I am hoping too. 😉


Feedback has been generally positive about the new look. More importantly, I am quite happy with the changes. 😀

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13 bits of Local News – Thursday Thirteen #16

All these news items are from (Philippine Daily)

1 – Senate ratifies JPEPA –

This one’s hot off the press as the senators just finished their long discussions and the voting for this very controversial piece of legislation. JPEPA or the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement has been ratified by the Philippine Senate just this evening. It has been drafted, discussed, disputed, and defended by all sides for a very long time. One of the biggest concerns of those against this agreement is how prone it is to being abused, with the Philippines being on the losing end.

Since I don’t have comprehensive information on this issue, I will reserve my comments for a later time.

2 – Milk product positive for melamine–DoH – 

A third product has been added to the list of milk that has been found tainted with melamine. Apparently, it is not at all unusual for traces of melamine to seep into food products but there is an allowable limit. JollyCow Slender High Calcium Low Fat Milk has been found to have about 7 times more than the allowable amount of 0.5 parts per million (ppm).

According to Health Secretary Francisco Duque, a 50-kg person can take only as much as 25mL of melamine a day. Babies in China have become ill because they are small and all they have is milk all day, their bodies are no longer able to fend off the toxicity of melamine. 

3 – BBC producers defiant over racist slur –
Filipino expats in the UK were outraged by a recent episode of the comedy series “Harry and Paul” for depicting Filipina maids in a bad light. Though the Philippine Government has yet to issue a formal complaint against the BBC and the producers of the show, our ambassador to the UK has already released a statement regarding the issue.

Although the production house that makes the show maintains that the scene was in no way intended to demean or upset any viewer – it has offended many Filipinos.

During the sketch, Enfield’s character urges his neighbor to have sex with another neighbor’s Filipina maid, saying he is trying to see if “we could mate their Filipina maid with our Northerner, but he’s not having any of it”.

He then says, “Come on Clyde, mount her” and addressing the maid, says: “You, you, present your rear.”

4 –  Teehankee release hit

Claudio Teehankee Jr’s father and namesake was a former Supreme Court Chief Justice. His brother is currently the Philippine Representative to the World Trade Organization, and a known ally of the President. 

In 1992, he was sentenced to life imprisonment (and two more lesser sentences) for the brutal killing (shooting) of 16-year-old Maureen Hultman and her friend. Another person was also seriously injured.

Last Friday, just before midnight, he was released from the New Bilibid Prisons – having been granted an executive clemency. He is now back under public scrutiny.

Seems that due process was not followed for his pardon. The family, and the prosecutor who put him in jail were unaware that he had even applied for amnesty.

5 – Hultmans ‘shocked’ at Teehankee release – I’d say the whole country’s in shock.

6 – No proof Teehankee reformed – Right, how can there be restorative justice when there’s no real rehabilitation/treatment plan for convicted felons? 


7 – Ayala, GSIS interested in Philamlife – 

They say there may be up to ten corporations interested in buying. I hope it goes not just to the highest bidder, but also to the company that will be most able to take care of our interests. Hmp. 

The Yuchengco Group of Companies has also expressed interest. But many may not feel safe with their term life insurance in the hands of the company that still has pending complaints after the fall of their previous pre-need plans venture. Already, former policy owners from a Yuchengco subsidiary are making noise against any move for this company to take over PhilamLife. 

8 – Philamlife’s suitors – In a way, knowing that many corporations are interested in acquiring PhilAm makes it easier to be confident that our savings are safe.

9 – NBI raids suspected cybersex den – Ugh. Disgusting.

10 – UP employees to get salary hike – The UP workers are among the lowest paid University workers, the deserved a pay increase. 

11 – Cough syrup not for use in kids under 4 – The article doesn’t specifically say why though.

12 – Hundreds join walk vs. breast cancer (Cebu) – Which reminds me, to click daily for Breast Cancer research (

13 – ‘Lean, mean’ budget pushed in House – Hmm. I’m not sure they’re going about it the right way. Scrutinized the budget, there may be more double entries there.

What’s happening in your city/country?

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