The Mystery of the missing Blinkies

It is no news that I maintain a digiscrapping blogroll. This is mostly of designer/scrapper blogs that often offer freebies. I have it setup in and I just copy/paste the code to any site I want it placed. Instead of text links, some of my favorite freebie digs are represented by their blinkies.

To save time when blog hopping, I used the blogroll feature to have a distinction for blogs that were updated within the last 24 hours. Those blogs have this symbol next to their name/blinkie: *

The blogroll itself seems to work just fine and I’ve never really had a problem with it. Until now.

I put up a separate page on this blog for the roll: Problem is, when I go to that page, the blinkies are all missing! Thinking that it may be a server issue for blogrolling, I open my old blog to check that the blinkies are not showing their either.  The thing is, the blinkies are showing up just fine :s

Here are the photos of the same blogroll setup on two different pages but using the exact same code and coming from the exact same source:

Where could it be going whacko? Is my blog blocking the blinkies from my Picasa Web uploads?

Aside from the missing blinkies, I also have missing avatars.

When I’m in my Admin Dashboard going through the comments, I can see the MonsterID avatar next to the commenters. But reading the comments as a blog reader, I don’t see them! Do you?

So I don’t know what to do about that.

Next, and the most annoying of all. I can’t seem to get the subscribe to comments plugin to work!

I’ve tested it several times but the subscriber is not getting any email notifications.