Cellphone Charm

Mom decided to brave EDSA and drive herself to pick up Dad from the airport this morning.  I decided to go with her, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy drive. She only drives from home to work (and back), and that’s not even daily – only when Dad’s away and the car’s free.  

From the passenger seat and with the belt safely on, I could sense that Ma was somehow nervous and of course we were going at a very safe speed 🙂  

So with Dad back from his business trip from The Netherlands, there’s something for everyone in his bags.  He got me a violet Ruth-Robin bag with Amsterdam written all over it, and I picked out this cellphone charm from the handful that he brought back:


Of course I’d take a photo of it and display it on my blog – this is my blog after all and I can talk about the mundane if I want to 🙂  But as soon as I looked at the photo I took, I wasn’t happy.  And just as I’ve done so many times since January, I took shot after shot until I captured it the way I really liked to show it off. 

I tried it this way:


But that didn’t make me happy so I tried another angle:


I didn’t like the edge of the table there though. I did like how the charm itself looks so defined.  Still, I wasn’t satisfied so I tried another way:


Now that, in my eyes, was promising.  It was clear.  But the mini havs totally upstaged the Amsterdam building.  That cannot be. 

So try again I did:


That one’s close enough, me likey. 🙂  I am almost done then?


Even with the floor showing through, this is my favorite from the bunch.  I love h0w the colors came out. I used a trick that Walter (an OM from work) showed me last week, it was using the internal flash (is it called internal?).  The colors turned out softer and more natural than when you just use the flash like normal diba?