Mr. Brightside

For the past three weeks, we have been hooked on this game, and this song has become one of our favorites from the playlist:

Since I started with my current account a year ago, I’ve only taken advantage of the availability of Xbox 360s on the floor a few times. I tried Halo, but that isn’t really for me. I just couldn’t shoot that well. I tried Viva PiƱata too. I liked it, but didn’t get to play too much because our agents would rather borrow other games (like UFC). Then there was Guitar Hero. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. It was like the day would not be complete without us borrowing the console, setting it up in our bay, and then playing a few songs.

I’m still at Medium level. Wondering when I’ll finally get up a notch to Hard.

I love the melody of Mr. Brightside, and another The Killers song too – Human. Here’s the band’s video (which is way better than the recorded one of a player playing the song on Guitar Hero World Tour):

I’ve never thought of owning another gaming console since we last owned a Play Station (the first edition, the gray one) years ago. But having games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band make me just want to own one again!

Alfred’s friend gave him his old Play Station 2, it’s the fat one and needs to be serviced. We’ll take it to Greenhills one of these days and see if it still can be repaired. I’m sure though that we won’t be spending on a GH or RockBand. We just don’t have that money lying around. There are cheaper alternatives though, I wonder if they’re any good?


On a totally unrelated note… Have you seen the 2010 Starbucks Planner? Have you seen their new cakes and breads just in time for Christmas? I plan to have a separate post about this but I just had to say – this season is killing my weight loss dream! As in! I am supposed to stay away from all the sugar in the coffee, and from the cakes. But I’ve been to Starbucks two days in a row! Talk about sabotaging my own plan.

I might just have to follow the boyfriend’s suggestion: take a weight loss diet pill! No no no! Not just yet.