Eraserheads Limited Edition CD Set

I tweeted about this Greenwich promotion several times, and have told anyone willing to listen how much I want to own this set. If you want it too, it’s still available from Greenwich, but only until end of October. So better hurry!

As for me, no need to rush anywhere. I own one already!

One day in October, upon learning that there was no lunch for us at home. I had a long phone discussion with the boyfriend about what to order. Will we buy from a carinderia across the creek? Will he buy from somewhere in Makati? Should we order in? Notice that there’s no “shall I cook anything?” option. I don’t cook, in case you’ve forgotten. When the idea of ordering in was entertained, I had to make a case for Greenwich. Maybe it was time we start getting stamps for the Eheads set. Hmmm… Nah, it might be too late and we won’t have time or money to complete the six required tickets. So the boyfriend offered to split the costs with me, and just to go with option B – Eat and Own, Instantly!

In a little less than an hour after calling 5-55-55, we had these:

I picked the Hungarian Sausage and Bacon overload:

It came with four large drinks, and two servings of yummy spaghetti:

Which means I forgot all about watching my carbs intake, all for this:

All for the love for these Fab Four of the Philippine band scene:

In the box is this colored zine, that’s like a scrapbook of sorts with lyrics and photos:

And this shirt:

Which is so small it will not fit anyone living in this house, not until Diane give birth to her baby:

I’m thinking if we’ll give it away as a prize this Christmas, or keep it.

And of course, the 10 digitally remastered CDs:

They’ve been singing to me while crushing, mixing, balling, and dipping. 🙂 I’ve also loaded all ten albums onto my Blackberry so I can listen anytime. Haha. And remember the closet Eheads fan? Well he’s got them loaded onto his iPod, and he listens more than I do!