Blogging with Windows Live

I mentioned Windows Live Writer here before, and also back when I first tested it with my Blogger platform blog. I’ve been using it a lot again lately, and loving it even more. Smile

When I launched Between the Covers, I didn’t like Blogger’s default post-writing options. Something to do with the formatting that doesn’t jive well with me. So I used WLW and it fixed what I wanted to fix without so much as a fuss. Working on the WP Dashboard is so easy that I never really though about blogging through WLW for my other sites, but that has recently changed as well.

The client downloads your theme settings and works for both Blogger and WordPress. There may be more platforms that are compatible with WLW, but those are the two that I use for my blogs. I found that some WordPress themes may not work well with the client, but the ones I am currently using are working just fine (FireBug and LightBright by Elegant Themes). As you compose your updates, you have an instant preview of how it looks on your published blog. Smile

WLW also makes it so easy to add links, photos, and videos.

Photo sharing on your blog is also made easy by Windows Live Writer. You can edit from within the client, and add watermark too! The recent photos I uploaded here were watermarked using WLW. So you don’t have to save watermarked copies on your hard drive anymore (unless you’re sharing them elsewhere too). Smile

There are also gadgets that can be installed onto WLW. I haven’t explored those much but I have so far downloaded one that Tweets a link to your post as soon as you publish it. I can’t find the link just now but I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing about this blogger’s tool again, I’ll be sharing more links then.

Learn more about Windows Live Writer. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. Smile