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Thursday Thirteen – #9

I’m supposed to be at work already, but my boss let me come in half day (totally last minute) so I could go to my nephew’s Moving Up (graduation) ceremonies. He’s moving up from Pre-school to 1st grade next year. Wow!

Wow, how time really flies. Seems like just the other day I was whining about not having posted a TT, and here it is time for another one

My grandpa came home yesterday and we were all having lunch just awhile ago (my youngest cousin Jomar graduated from gradeschool this morning) and he was complaining that my cousin Ton has been regulating his food intake. He said he wanted to eat more. I just told him he can have a little snack in another few hours…

Anyhoo, I started this TT for last week’s post – All about my grandfather. [to check out my previous TTs through the Category link on the left sidebar, for older ones, go here]

Thirteen Things about my Papa

  1. His full name is Bonifacio Somebang Sr. He is also called Mayngan.
  2. He is 81 years old. We threw him a surprise birthday party for his 80th and there were about 200-300 people in attendance. I emceed the event. His great grandkids sang a song for him (one I picked). At home after the party, he told me it was the happiest day of his life. I love that so many people came to celebrate with us and they showed him their love and appreciation for him. The preparation which took months was kept secret – secret family meetings where someone had to distract Papa, and everyone invited was asked not to talk about it around him. The food was prepared in another relative’s house. We got him to wear a barong to mass. He was surprise to see so many of his friends and relatives attending the afternoon mass at Church.
  3. He was the first Barangay Captain of Barangay Kalusugan and held the post for over 20 years. He was the father of the entire community.
  4. He worked for the American Anglican priests and is part of the history of our Church – specially the history of the Seminary.
  5. He is the patriarch not only of his immediate family but of the clan – see he’s the only one surviving among his siblings.
  6. He mostly stays at home now except hwen he has errands for his Golden Agers Club for senior citizens or he has a doctor’s appointment. He recently went on a trip to Davao to attend a wedding and someone also hosted him at a nearby city – Cagayan de Oro – for a much needed vacation. Last year, he went to Boracay. And I’ve never been there!
  7. He has 6 children, 14 grandkids and about 10 great grandkids.
  8. He went on a trip around the world – twice I think, and for free.
  9. He has written his memoirs. Part I is being edited by my Ma and Part II by my aunt. It’s very interesting. He was inspired to finish it after reading the book published by his sister. He started it a long time ago but floods and rats destroyed a chunk of it and he had to copy/rewrite chapters of it – by hand.
  10. He has a pacemaker.
  11. About 15 years ago, he suffered from 3rd degree burns in an accident.
  12. He’s a boxing and basketball fan.
  13. He used to take the whole family out to swim every summer. He loved driving us all around and teaching all his grandkids how to swim. 4 of us could hang around his shoulders at one time!

Still on the pill

So I went to see my doctor before coming to work today. As it turned out, I need three cycles of Althea so I started on my second cycle today. I complained about the pain in my breasts which I suspected were side effects of the pill, and she confirmed it. I also told her about the terrible headaches I had the first two days of my menses. As is turns out, though she didn’t directly say it, the headaches may actually be another side effect of the pill.

She gave me tips to avoid the headaches before my next cycle. If the headaches persist, I am to see her again to discontinue the pill. My guess is she’ll have to change it then. I am not looking forward to the boob and head pains 🙁

In fairness, the bleeding isn’t as bad as the last two months’. It still flows heavily, but only during the first 2 days really. Yesterday’s and today’s flow seem to be just normal. That really is the main concern.

I also happily reported to her that I’ve lost about 5 pounds since she last saw me. She says she’s looking forward to another 5 off next time I go back. We’ll see.

Which reminds me, I’m not even sure if I’ve managed to keep the 5 off, if they’ve come back, or if I’ve lost a couple more. I have not seen Marie for awhile.

Not the weekend I imagined…

I have been cooped up at home, and have slept away most of the two days I’ve had off from work (Friday and Saturday). No, I didn’t really have to catch up on sleep, nor did I intend to laze away two whole days. I had no choice.

I was plagued with nagging tension headache since I woke up around noon on Friday. I spent extra hours at work on my last day so I left at about 140am Friday and went straight to visit my Papa in the hospital. He isn’t in critical care, the doctors just wanted to monitor the irregularities they found in his heart. The monitor isn’t hooked now, but he’s still there. I don’t think he can already pee normally – which was the reason he asked to be brought to the Emergency Room on Wednesday night.

I only stayed a little over an hour – he was sleeping, so was my cousin who was watching him. Papa did wake up a few minutes and talked to me. He told me to go home and sleep too. I stayed awhile, watching his breathing. He was hooked up to oxygen too. While watching him, I took out my handy notepad and a pen, and wrote down what would have been Thursday Thirteen for the week – all about my grandpa. I didn’t get to post it though so it will have to wait until next week to be shared. I am just so happy to know he isn’t in any serious danger.

I walked home in the middle of the night. It was a nice and peaceful walk. I had to take a longer way because I saw dogs blocking my way and didn’t feel comfortable walking by them. I had a security guard escort me part of the way, because the gate I was passing through was already closed and he wasn’t sure I’d fit through the gap – I did. 🙂 The hospital is just a few blocks away from home.

Walking that night cleared my head up a bit and it reminded me how I used to enjoy evening walks, or even morning ones. I’d have to take that up again real soon.

I also thought about how I’d be spending my weekend. Alfred was home in the province, as he always is during Holy Week. I thought I’d give Zune a bath myself, and get a headstart fixing up the room so he wouldn’t have to do it when he gets back. I know, he doesn’t really live here, but he does more than my share of the chores when he’s here. My parents are so used to having him around actually, they aren’t surprised anymore when he comes home earlier than I do with our current schedules.

Anyway, I didn’t get to do any of what I planned. No blog posts, and no layouts either. My Friday and Saturday were mostly spent sleeping and complaining of this terrible headache. I’ve had worse, granted, but this is just making me so uncomfortable. Adding my monthly visitor to the mix, and oh, I’m just about ready to explode. I spent three hours at the Emergency Room because Mon insisted that Dad take me there this morning. She was worried with her readings of my blood pressure and the fact that I was still complaining about the pain.

I went but my BP was normal – 120/90. I rated the pain a 4 on a 10-pt scale. The kind doctor asked me if I wanted pain reliever and I said yes. I did not think anything of it when he said it would be injected. I waited about 10 minutes, and another doctor came with the needles. I was surprised it was going to be injected on my fist and with such huge needles! I totally freaked out. In short, I backed out of the injectable and opted for oral medication. We had to wait longer though – probably paperwork, plus a lot more patients came after me. Some with more pressing concerns than I did. Meanwhile, the headache was just there, lurking.

Anyway, I have a prescription and orders NOT to look at anything bright directly. My first thought was my week-old big ass flat screen monitor. Oh well, I’ve stayed away from it too long already. I just itched to sit right here again. Yet I waited. I rested awhile. I didn’t ask for a medical certificate so I could get off from having to report back to work tomorrow though the doctor did say I should rest. I’m still thinking whether I’d ask for a holiday instead. I don’t really think I need to but I will if the headache comes back in the morning. Frankly, it hasn’t completely gone away, I can still feel some of it but the meds seem to be working it’s 24-hour magic. My neck/shoulders don’t hurt at all, and that’s just a bonus.

Oh well, so much about my one headache of a weekend. How about yours?

My Pot of Gold

Finally, I finished a layout!

Journalling: (I struggle with how to journal, so this took me quite a while 🙂 )

I have a pot filled with gold…
~ Wonderful, supportive parents who never shut me down.
They lead their lives exactly how I want to live out mine.
I am proud to be their daughter and hope they are proud
of me too.
~ All my childhood memories are happy ones. We had all
that we needed and more. We were free to roam around in the
safe, close-knit community we grew up in.
~ My big brother spoils me although he could be a pain in the
neck too. Hehe. I used to be his shopping buddy.
~ The guy I love loves me back twice as much and I appreciate
it more and more each day.
~ Everyday, I get lots and lots of kisses and hugs from
my nephews (my nieces can’t be bothered anymore).
~ My Zune loves me unconditionally.
~ I have friends who will always be there.
~ I have a job that pays me well and challenges me
~ Yet there is so much more to look forward to…

Fonts – GiddyUp and Pristina
Paper, Frame, Pot stamp – Raspberry Road Designs – Lucky Me
Arrow and Kids at Play WA – Raspberry Road – Suburban Boy
Journal Tab – Gwendoline
Fasteners – Raspberry Road – PreSchool Days
Paperclip – Raspberry Road – Vintage Peddler
Tape WA – Raspberry Road – Alive and Kicking (recolored) and Fun Lovin
Staples by Monti
Pin – Jessica Alger – Give Thanks
Alpha – AnnScraps Beach Comber Add on

On another note, my grandpa is in the hospital. Been in the ER since last night.
Please keep him in your thoughts…

I am Lucky!

I was going to participate in the Lucky Me Challenge of the Raspberry Road Girls but I didn’t take note of the March 16th deadline so I missed it 🙁 Well, I guess it still is March 16th in the US and other parts of the world so I could technically join in, but I’m sleepy and will probably have no time to scrap any more. It takes me hours to do one layout. Heheh.

It got me to thinking about my blessings and what makes me lucky. Though I won’t be making the LO in time for the challenge, I will still make one. I hope these things make it into the LO:

** My parents raised me pretty well. They provided for me and made sure my brother and I had what we needed. We grew up with toys, books and family all around us. My friends used to think we were rich, but we weren’t. Mom and dad were just great at managing our finances, I guess. I could only wish I could be half as good a parent as they were. They probably aren’t perfect and I knew there were times as a kid that I didn’t understand them sometimes, but I never felt hatred or rage towards them.

** I have a brother who has my back. When he first started working, he’d buy me stuff. hahaha 🙂 We don’t spend a lot of time together now, and we never go shopping together anymore because he already has his girlfriend to help him with his shopping. But that’s okay.

** Though the pictures on my TT post may not necessarily show it, I have a boyfriend who really loves me. I mean, really. 🙂 Just now, I asked him to wait up for 10 more minutes as I finish this post, but he really really wants to go up and back to sleep. hehehe.

** My nephews and nieces love me unconditionally. So does my sweet little dog Zune.

** I have a job that challenges me, and pays well.

** I have friends to hangout with, to bug, and oftentimes reminisce with.

There are many more reasons for me to say that I am lucky. For that I am thankful. 🙂

Hihi, do you like my blinkie? 🙂 Wait, why isn’t it blinking?!!!?!?!?!

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