Sample Room

When I first heard about Sample Room, I didn't get excited. I thought it was just like the BDJ Box where you take out a monthly subscription to receive a box of beauty samples. I was wrong. Whereas the BDJ Box wasn't a fit for a non-beauty product junkie like me, Sample Room is actually a good fit for the kikay in me that's interested in taking care of herself better this 2013. 🙂


My first order arrived a few days after payment confirmation. It came in pretty little brown packaging.
In batches, product samples are posted On the website and members can request any or all if them, in exchange for points. New signups are awarded 100 points. if you want to order a lot of samples and your points aren't enough, you can buy more points.
This first order isn't really for me, it's a LAB Series sampler for men. Alfred was the one who sampled it.
The boyfriend immediately tried it. He reported that it felt good to the skin, and there was no tingling or itchiness felt after use. His only complaint though is that these were very smal. Ha!
A few days after using the products, I posted a review on Sample Room on the boyfriend's behalf. By doing so, I was awarded 1 extra point. Then upon approval of my review, I got all 80 points back from the order. Neat! Of course, I used my points to get more samples – AHAVA products that arrived today! Will try them very soon!
So, without a doubt, I am loving Sample Room! 🙂


Amazon Daily Deal: JBL iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

Checkout this JBL OnStage IIIP 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock today on Amazon, it’s up for only USD59.99 instead of the regular price of USD169.95.


Product Features

  • Supports most iPhone and iPod models with 30-Pin Dock Connector
  • 3.5-mm mini jack allows connection of other audio devices such as MP3 and CD players, desktop computers, satellite radios, and laptops
  • Odyssey transducers and Slipstream port design provide a full, rich frequency response
  • Includes an RF remote control with full iPod navigation


The deal may only be availble today, December 1, so hurry!

Here’s the link once again: JBL OnStage IIIP 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

DIY TLR Recesky

I was so happy to see this deal on CashCashPinoy:


In various online camera shops, I’ve been looking at photos of and by this DIY twin lens reflex camera – the Recesky. It was, in fact, in my 2010 Christmas wishlist along with a Fuji Instax and a Polaroid printer. And yes, at PhP799, it’s the cheapest deal I’ve seen so far.

Why DIY?



It’s delivered in a box, unassembled. So there’s the thrill of building it from the million plastic parts. Smile 

Once built, slap on a roll of film, and then wait. Wait until you get the 24 or 36 shots, and wait again until the film is processed before you can finally see the fruits of your labor. Smile 

The deal is still available on CashCashPinoy. They have 3-days priority shipping (free) from the date of payment confirmation. What are you waiting for?

Edit: I received the box a few minutes after publishing this post. The next day, Alfred worked on putting the camera together. He couldn’t sleep until he finished. With this, and putting together the Lego Ferrari, he’s becoming more and more interested in DIY projects, at least those that don’t take too much time and effort. I wonder if he’d be interested in beer making kits too? Winking smile

KimStore drops Prices for iPad Mini

KimStore, probably the most popular local online gadget store, has dropped prices on the iPad Mini!

Wifi version:
16GB – 18,900 (from 20,000 originally)
32GB – 23,100 (from 24,500 originally)
64GB – 28,200 (from 28,500 originally)

Knowing this has revived my lust for this gadget. They also dropped prices of the iPod Touch 5 to only 13,600 pesos for the 16GB model.

Currently, I am very happy with my iPhone 4. When the iPhone 5 was released, I decided I wanted it. Then the prices were released. It’s not officially in the Philippines yet so we can only buy it from the more entrepreneurial Pinoys who pre-ordered and brought it to our shores ahead of the telcos. The prices are soaring high! There is just no reasonable way I can pay for a unit. Frankly, my iPhone 4 works completely well and if I take care of it well it should continue to do so well beyond my contract with Globe that expires in April next year.

So though I got a little overexcited about the new release, even going to such extents as checking out iPhone 5 cases, I actually might hold out for the next update before trading up. The iPad mini or the smaller version, the iTouch, might be a more affordable alternative for the meantime.

Read more about the iPad mini from Mashable’s review.

Wil’s Steaktown at CashCashPinoy

Back in June to kick off our celebration of Alfred’s birthday, we went to our favorite steak house. Only, we found out that it wasn’t our favorite steak place anymore. I’m talking about Steaktown, now known as Wil’s Steaktown.


Now my blog post about that experience remains to be the most viewed post for the year. But let me just clarify that I’m not completely saying that the food in this place isn’t worth checking out. In it’s own right, the food at Wil’s Steaktown is good. I did say though that we’re not going back there because we spent way too much and it really wasn’t the old Steak Town we had loved for years and years.

For those of you who are curious about tasting their fare, now may be the best time to do it. CashCashPinoy, our favorite group deals/discount site has a promotion for this restaurant:


So, you pay PhP 550, and then order PhP 1000.00 worth of food and drinks. That’s a good deal! Wil’s Steaktown is at Wil’s Events Place along Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City. It’s very near the ABS-CBN studios.

CashCashPinoy also has an exciting contest! Register at CCP and get the chance to win an iPhone5! Wow! Smile

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