DIY Animal Mobile

At least five friends are expectant moms this year. Three are new mommies. I’ve been thinking of what to give them and I saw this today:

The pattern for everything on the mobile is for sale (at a very reasonable price). But I wonder how long it will take to actually make this? And could I make more than one? I sure would like to make at least one, and send it all the way to Dubai so Jo could have it for her first baby (best friend Jo who I haven’t seen since her wedding and is now based in Dubai with her husband).

Anyway, this will be one of those dream projects. Hmm..

Oh by the way (unrelated to the mobile) – does anyone know where I can take our Garmin GPS and have it serviced? It just suddenly stopped working. We’ve missed it and we’ve been using the maps on iPhone to navigate unfamiliar areas but it’s not as easy to follow while driving. I tried to run a search but what came up is the Garmin chirp, which is interesting, but not what I need right now. Any info would be highly appreciated!

Books for Pens of Hope


Miss N is at it again.

Pens of HopePens of HopePens of Hope


Getting the pens and sending them to Miss N’s PO Box two years ago was a good experience. I don’t know why I didn’t write about it (the only additional mention of the project was in this post where I said I was going to ship out the pens), but it was a wonderful experience. Not sure why I didn’t send anything out last year or earlier this year. Bakit kaya?

But I am so glad that this Christmas, Miss N will be off to Bobon, Northern Samar to bring books to children.

Find out all about the project and how you can help at Nortehanon.

I hope you do more than check it out. Children’s books don’t cost a lot.

My little nephew is sick, read all about it – Get Well Soon, Amir!


Oh and by the way, my sidebar is wonky. I am truly sorry for all who have been trying to click through. Pray it gets fixed soon. Sad smile

Some things I won’t Miss

I was looking forward to a few events this weekend, but I missed them all:

  • Rock Rizal concert
  • Manila International Book Fair (I even dreamt about walking between the aisles and checking each trade show booth and spending a fortune on new books!)
  • Mercato Centrale
  • UAAP Cheerdance Competition (Would have been nice to be in Araneta to witness it, but I did watch it live on TV)

The concert and the book fair were both held at the far MOA. Had the boyfriend been around on Friday afternoon, it would have been a possibility. But he was out on a road trip with his parents. Mercato would have been possible this morning, but I really wasn’t up to it. After all, that one happens every weekend.

And I don’t really mind missing out on those events. There was nowhere else I’d be than home, so I couldn’t miss out on these:

Photo Sep 18, 1 04 09 PMPhoto Sep 18, 12 00 28 PMPhoto Sep 18, 12 00 34 PMPhoto Sep 18, 12 00 36 PMStrawberries and CreamPhoto Sep 18, 12 00 39 PM

Amir is growing up so fast! He can stand now and he’s always up. He knows to reach out and ask to be carried. At nearly nine months he’s two front teeth are out. And he makes a lot of noise!

We’re just so glad that he’s still healthy, and maintains his happy disposition.

Sugar Cookies

I love you Amir! And we loved having you home for the weekend!

Five Drinks


Lemonade | Orange Soda | Sprite | Coke Float | Water

I wish I could say my drink was the last one, but I guess everyone would know who had the float eh? SmileWater was for the boyfriend.

These were our drinks for our very late dinner at Johnny Rockets Eastwood, Friday last week. We stopped by for burgers and fries before seeing a movie. So if I had the float, and water was for the boyfriend, who had the other drinks?


We had a date with my three nieces! It was September 2nd and Chiki (middle) turned 17. Shanti (left) turned 17 a few days before that. Of course we couldn’t go and leave Dal out of the picture. I hadn’t been out with these girls in a loooooong time. Our last movie date was three years ago! OMG!

So what film did we see? We were supposed to see Zombadings, but ended with up Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was hilarious, even the boyfriend has to admit that he enjoyed watching. I drove the girls home way past their bedtime (3AM). I think we just might do it again too. Next time though, I’d stay away from Johnny Rockets – that meal burned a hole on my credit card!

Elephabet Book

Back in June, I posted about finding KickStarter. I’ve been by the site many times since and have oohed and aahed at various creative projects. Here’s one that I really really want to support:


It actually got all the funding it needs and more, but I still want to put in my pledge because I’d love to get a copy when it becomes available. I have 5 days to decide if I’m putting my money in this. 20 dollars would get me a signed softbound copy of the book plus 5 buttons. Shipping is estimated in December. Hmm..

I wonder how much the market price will be?  I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment, see. My Paypal funds are low because I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. Yeah, no shopping money. I just snooped around the project page and found the initial market price. It’s about the same, plus shipping which will potentially cost more than 5 dollars.

Back to Elephabet… So the artist makes these beautiful tiny sculptures of animals (elephants in particular for this project) in various themes. They’re so cute! I don’t know anyone locally who does these things. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The pre-sales/kickstarter packages have allow for certain pieces to be part of your pledge, but those are way beyond my budget. So I’m just eyeing the book itself. Hmm.

Artists like Bunny with a Toolbelt inspire me. We don’t all have to be corporate slaves, nor be stuck in Healthcare Aides Jobs nor labor all day under the heat of the sun (not that there’s anything wrong with these jobs). Some of us can do what we love and have fun while doing it. Oh okay, even corporate slaves can do that – they can actually have so much passion for their work that they happily rise each day and look forward to it. Bless them!

Haha. Just having one of those days. Smile

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