Before the Flood

On Monday, we were able to sneak out of the house to visit my dearest nephew. For a precious few hours, we competed for this little guy’s attention:


He had just woken up from a midmorning nap when we arrived at their home around lunch time. It took time to draw him out and get in him the mood to play, but his shape sorter was a big help!

Now a blue hat:



Then a yellow hat:


I hadn’t seen him in two weeks and it was worth driving in the rain just to see him. We had planned to see The Dark Knight Rises after the visit. First choice was at SM Fairview but it was a good thing we changed our minds and opted for somewhere near home (Gateway). If we didn’t change cinemas, we might not have made it home that night.

So I guess the pretty high spirits despite all the flooding the entire week was all thanks to a good dose of loving from this little prince just before it started. Smile

High Chair

While going through my Reader yesterday, I got particularly interested in this piece that was on the Little Green Notebook:

Source: via Vera on Pinterest


What is it? Well, it’s a high chair for babies! The seat and the foot rest are fully adjustable so it grows with the baby. I think you can buy a more secure seat to attach here otherwise some sort of harness can be used to ensure that baby doesn’t fall off. On the Amazon page they show a photo of this same chair being used by a male adult.

Amir is growing so fast and perhaps it’s time he sits at the table with everyone else on the dining table. Not that we all actually gather round the table for lunch or dinner. See we now have a small table and we normally eat in pairs, one after the other. Hehe.

Know how most restaurants have a high chair, just in case any one needs it? Well, we had a family lunch last month at Romulo’s and they had none. Minus points. Maybe they don’t expect families to bring toddlers there for lunch/dinner?


I’ve seen other furniture pieces and I think – I want that in my house! Then I look at the price tag and I’m like – okay, maybe someday. Sigh. Like that high chair – click through and buy it in Amazon! Then send it to me Smile

I’d always thought that we would have a family home where there’d be floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. We’d need rolling ladders to access some of our favorite books! Right now I don’t see that happening to this house. If we do get shelves installed, we’d put them high up because floor to ceiling would just mean half the books would be submerged in water should a disaster like Ondoy strike again.


If you have time to check your Facebook stream, or go blog hopping, then you have roughly 30 minutes to spare. Spend it to watch this video. You simply must.


Thank you.

I will not tell you why you must support this campaign, I think he’s said it all. I will tell you though that I was deeply moved by this video. This is not news to me, these children were once not invisible to me. I am aware of the plight of these children and their stolen childhood. I have heard of the LRA before. But like so many others, I knew, but didn’t do anything. Or maybe I did, but then I forgot about it.

We shouldn’t forget. We can’t forget. Kony and his army must be stopped. And this is the year to do it.

Support the Invisible Children, in any way you can.


Welcome Summer!


Summer really is officially here. Dad bought an inflatable pool for Amir and the little guy loved it!


Hello water bill! But as the Visa ad campaign would say – laughter and smiles from a one-year old: priceless. Smile

DIY Animal Mobile

At least five friends are expectant moms this year. Three are new mommies. I’ve been thinking of what to give them and I saw this today:

The pattern for everything on the mobile is for sale (at a very reasonable price). But I wonder how long it will take to actually make this? And could I make more than one? I sure would like to make at least one, and send it all the way to Dubai so Jo could have it for her first baby (best friend Jo who I haven’t seen since her wedding and is now based in Dubai with her husband).

Anyway, this will be one of those dream projects. Hmm..

Oh by the way (unrelated to the mobile) – does anyone know where I can take our Garmin GPS and have it serviced? It just suddenly stopped working. We’ve missed it and we’ve been using the maps on iPhone to navigate unfamiliar areas but it’s not as easy to follow while driving. I tried to run a search but what came up is the Garmin chirp, which is interesting, but not what I need right now. Any info would be highly appreciated!

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