Mary Lambert

At work we always have music playing. All day long. The only time it isn’t playing is when there’s a problem with the computer or PA system.

It was a Sunday, I was so amused because we were tuned in to SiriusXM Love and the tunes were from the 80s and the 90s. It was the ultimate throwback. Lol.

It’s always more fun to work while grooving to music you like, and to the chagrin of my seatmates, I sing along to the music a lot.  SmileIt is especially fun when you hear a song you liked from somewhere aired over the radio for the first time – like hearing Same Love over SiriusXM. It’s not like Same Love was my favorite song, and no I don’t play it on YouTube over and over, day after day. But after the first time I heard it, the melody, and the message, got stuck in my head. I knew I actually loved it when I found myself singing along with Mary – She keeps me waaaarm…

The beautiful and talented Mary Lambert sings the chorus to this love song by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. If I wasn’t browsing through old posts on Cathy Zielske’s blog, I would have missed her post featuring Mary Lambert.

She Keeps Me Warm

Last month, Mary Lambert released her music video She Keeps Me Warm. One can say it’s a spin off Same Love. But it could also be a love song intertwined with another one.

What a wonderful wonderful song. And that voice! I can listen to her the whole weekend and feel relaxed and ready for Monday. You know what I mean? Smile

I’ve bookmarked her EP on iTunes (Letters Don’t Talk) because I’m definitely buying that along with She Keeps Me Warm as soon as I let myself use my credit card again. Maybe sooner, lol!

Her EP includes her spoken word performance on Body Love. Girls of all shapes and sizes should listen to her.

If only I could have a fraction of her talent. She’s is just so amazing! Smile

It’s official: iPhone 5C – For the Colorful

In their September 10, 2013 event, Apple officially released the iPhone 5C, along with the launch of it’s more expensive and sleeker sister – the iPhone 5S. Having upgraded to the iPhone 5 almost nine (9) months ago, I’m not too excited about this launch.

I won’t be missing much by not upgrading this year. Buti na lang.

But that is not to say that I don’t like the new iPhones. Even with all the trash talk around Apple copping out by opting for a plastic build, and the choice of candy colors, I actually like the iPhone 5C.

If I didn’t already own an iPhone 5, I’d consider 5C. Of course, I’d probably end up with a 5S, but I’d consider it. If I had a younger sibling still in school that I owed 16 years of presents for – I’d get it for her in time for Christmas. Good thing I don’t have one.

Why let Apple rob me of my hard earned money?

Critics say that only the dumb-witted would fall for the 5C when there are better Android handsets at the same price range – or cheaper. Well that’s not what I’m looking for – I don’t get excited for every Samsung or HTC launch. I am happy with my iOS handset and only look for upgrades every two years or so. Users of the iPhone 3G/4/4S would likely be happy with this.

Who else would the 5C be good for? My Mom.

But the iPhone 5C is still expensive.

Obviously, C is not for CHEAP. With very similar specs to the iPhone 5 (Yugatech has a comparison table), the 5C is priced at just about $130 dollars lower than the 5S. Therein lies the problem. When targeting ‘emerging’ markets, price points are  just as critical as design. The 5C might be good enough for existing users of older iPhones, but not affordable enough to convince the uninitiated to give iOS a try.   

The World of Lisa Frank

Who doesn’t know Lisa Frank? Saw this video on the Brit List, and it immediately took me back to a younger me. I wanted this huge Lisa Frank binder for school but it was freakishly expensive. Unfortunately.

I think I only ever managed to get stickers out of my allowance.

Was that a young Mila Kunis in the video? Haha!

Hmmm. Like Lisa, I’m still a kid! So maybe it’s not too late to start a collection at my age 🙂

Smart is Sexy

The video of Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards went viral earlier this week. He received the “Ultimate Choice Award,” and decide to dish out some ultimate advise:

>> Opportunities look a lot like work.

>> The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart

>> Build your own life.

Wise words. Really, wise words. If only the audience could stop for a second and really listen. Seriously, it was a great message, but the young ones in the live show wasn’t ready for it. Good thing social media is keeping the message going, so even the young girls who couldn’t stop to listen then can just watch the videos over and over, and then hopefully pick up a lesson or two (or three).

For many people, it’s not easy to talk about building your own life. It is a lot easier to conform – to just fall in line and do what’s been done for a very long time. No one ever said that going with the flow was a bad thing. As for myself, I’m still defining the life I want for the future. I think I’m living a good one right now, but what do I really want for the rest of time? 🙂

Don’t Stop Believing

Thank you to Upworthy for sharing this on Facebook today:

Though I haven’t seen every single episode of Glee since Season 1, I am a Gleek (checkout my Glee posts) and I have grown to love the characters. I even cried at the season 3 finale, when they all graduated and bid farewell to Rachel at the train station. So yes I was saddened by the death of Cory Monteith. It is difficult to imagine Glee without him. His smile, his awkward dancing, his auto-tuned voice, even his drum beating.

We have months until the next season of Glee, which gives me time to watch reruns and pretend that Finn Hudson is still alive. But for those real hardcore fans, consider supporting the charity that Cory believed in. And give more kids a reason to not stop believing.

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