His and Hers

Truly, even after your union in marriage, husband and wife continue to be separate. My husband (wow, this is the first time I refer to the boyfriend as such on the blog) and I can be as different as white from black, hot from cold. Not in all ways, but surely, in many ways. The choice of drinks is but one example.


Our different personalities were highlighted to me again on Saturday night, after finding ourselves in the middle of a vehicular accident. We were driving home from celebrating Amir’s Moving Up Day in Fairview, when I exited Elliptical Road to Quezon Avenue and a delivery truck suddenly hit me on the driver’s side.

We were in the middle of conversation, and were abruptly shocked. I felt the jolt, heard the metal crash, but suffered nothing else but shock. After hitting the breaks and watching the truck run through my car and skid in front of me, we then saw as the truck turned on its side and continue to slide a few meters away from us to the side of the road. After a split-second of shock we decided to move my car to the side of the road and find out if the driver and his passengers needed any help. By then we saw them climbing out the passenger door window.

If you know my husband, he tends to be a hot head. He would jump into things heated and wouldn’t back down specially when he thinks he’s right. So he took care of confronting the other party, while I stayed in the car to collect myself, stay calm, and contact family and the authorities.

The Emergency Hotline 117 operator tried to be calm and assuring –

Hinga lang po ng malalim Ma’am. May nasaktan po ba?

It took awhile before personnel from MMDA arrived, and even longer for the Police Inspector. There was not much talk. The other party was blaming me, we were blaming them. A tow truck arrived, and we went on our way to the precinct. My cousins arrived to lend support. We signed papers, paid fees, had a very brief talk with the other party, before finally being able to leave. It took about three hours from the time of the accident  until we were able to go home.

On the drive home we continued to talk, despite also being exhausted. I was just thankful no one got hurt. He was fuming because the accident made him late for his lakad with friends that evening. Yet something else that is different about us: That night, I stayed with family and we de-stressed with pizza; He went out again to drink with his friends. I must stay I didn’t like that, but I had no strength to argue.

When he’s excited the way he was pumped up that night he tends to talk too much. Yes, too much. And I have to admit it hurt, some of the things he had to say. Hurt in the sense that I wanted to challenge his statements because I’d really rather have him make better choices. Hurt, but I chose to love him despite of that.

That night, I decided to love him and understand that he deals with stress differently. That perhaps there is no harm in letting him steam off with his friends. When he came home with the sun almost up, with a kiss to wake me up, I again made a decision to love him and understand that we have different ways of showing we care.

Three months into this marriage gig, and I’m finally learning something.

For married folks, in what ways are you different from your partner? Do you still argue about those differences? Share your thoughts with this Newbie Wife 🙂


It’s been so quiet around here I feel like stepping inside an old house and hearing my voice echo off the walls as I say “Hello! (oh-oh-oh)”

I attended the Life Bliss Weekend a month ago and I had a milestone – I came home with a different realization than what I thought I set off to have.

Let’s just say that thinking about what I thought my life’s mission was (prior to the weekend) meant staying in my current job for another year or two, and then setting off on an entirely different course.

What happened was that I went home with a renewed sense of what I should be doing in the role I currently have. How my mission can and should remain the same over time, albeit set in different roles in life.

I have tried many times to write about that weekend, but where do I begin? What’s important is that I have taken steps to work on my takeaways from that experience, and it looks like I’m well on my way to finding bliss.

How does that relate to this blog? Everything is connected. My desire to define my mission in life, the need to rekindle a passion for my work, and the non-activity on the blogs, are all connected.

And things that are happening now couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had an opportunity at work to attend a training/workshop that gave me further affirmation that I’m where I am supposed to be.

For my blogs, I’ve been working on material that I signed up for two years ago. I’ve been stuck on having a mission and unable to move forward. But working offline on myself, I think, is allowing me to move forward here too. So I’m working on that.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am in an ongoing reboot process. Personal Reboot, Work Reboot, and even a Blogging Reboot, because really, how can you separate the three?

When was the last time you did a reboot?


Three weeks ago, nearly 300 girls were taken from their beds at their boarding school in Nigeria. Terrorist group Boko Haram has admitted responsibility for the abduction and threatened to sell them as brides. Though some girls managed to escape, over 200 are still missing.

Actress Stella Damasus explains the issue, and issues a challenge to her government and world leaders: #BringBackOurGirls

Why haven’t we heard too much about this story? Why isn’t there a huge outrage about it? This is terrorism at its worst form. The girls represent the future of Nigeria, they must be protected. They must be brought home.

In countries like Nigeria, just as in the Philippines, education of girls is the key to a better future. Even in these modern times, not everybody agrees that girls deserve to be in school. This abduction manifests that. If Boko Haram gets away with this act of terrorism, how many more families in Chibok will send their girls to school?

Check this out for more information about the conflict in Nigeria: BuzzFeed.


Girls belong to school. They deserve a childhood. Uphold the rights of the girl child!

Saturday Night at BHS

April 26, Saturday, gave me another chance to spend quality time with my now-grown-up nieces. Thru Facebook, I had learned of Satchmi’s Vinyl Day event at the Bonifacio High Street, and I really wanted to go. It would have been a good opportunity to checkout their latest turntable – the Motorino II, and a great way to immerse in the local indie music scene.

It took over an hour to drive from QC to BGC on a late Saturday afternoon. Parking wasn’t a breeze, either. When we arrived at the concert venue, we’d learned that Up Dharma Down had already performed, and that they were actually the opening act. I didn’t know any of the other bands that followed, but I did enjoy the music and have a revived interest for the band scene.

We had an overdue pregnant momma with us so we decided to get dinner out of the way early. The girls had a hard time picking the restaurant, and we ended up at Chelsea in Serendra. I knew from word go that this dinner was going to cost an arm and a leg, but what the hey. YOLO!


We ordered stuffed pumpkin flowers for starters and it was delish. There was ricotta and something else in it. Problem is, it felt friendly warm on the outside, but was still actually piping hot on the inside. I seriously burned parts of my mouth! So if you ever try this (and you should), just be extra careful.

For the main course, we shared a whole grilled rosemary chicken with vegetable sidings. I thought it wasn’t going to be enough for us, but NOT ordering an additional dish (or pizza) turned out to be a wise decision.

For dessert the girls chose two slices of their bestselling cakes. It was a very good pairing – one was Toblerone overload and was really sweet, while the other was a more laid back and refined dark chocolate cake.

Back to the concert grounds after dinner, we encouraged Ms. Preggers to walk around a few times. She preferred going up and down FullyBooked because of it’s A/C. They also got us a huge cup of Froyo to share. It was perfect for cooling off, and provided temporary relief to my burnt upper palate. Hah!

As for me, I found a comfortable seat not far from the stage and just hung out. I encouraged the girls to register for the event so we can maybe win a Motorino II starter kit. I would so love that. We were there until the last act, but didn’t actually finish the program. There was also a queue to listen to sample music from the turntables they had prepared, so we didn’t get to try. I could have waited for my turn but I was so afraid I’d end up buying the thing as soon as I heard how beautiful it sounded. Seriously.

I had a good time. Not sure if the girls did, but I sure hope so.

Oh, and Ms. Preggers is now Little Miss Mommy. She gave birth on the 29th to a healthy baby girl.




[ween] Show IPA

verb (used with object)


to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than its mother’s milk; cause to lose the need tosuckle or turn to the mother for food.


to withdraw (a person, the affections, one’s dependency, etc.) from some object, habit, form ofenjoyment, or the like: The need to reduce had weaned us from rich desserts.

It seems like I am weaning off my online habits. I hardly am online on a computer – I usually just check my mail and Facebook on my phone. I haven’t blog hopped in a while, and my last blog post was from the Pacquiao victory over Bradley.

There is no conscious decision on my part NOT to go online. In fact, while I was on vacation at the boyfriend’s family home in Bicol over the Holy Week, I was thinking specifically about what to blog about it. Here I am, weeks later and there is no single post about the trip.

What is wrong with me?

Not really sure there.

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