Mystery CAL Afghan 2015

A CAL is a crochet-a-long challenge, where anyone who signs up works on the same project at pretty much the same time.

mystery CAL afghan 2015 1

mystery CAL afghan 2015 1

I learned of Yarnspirations & The Crochet Crowd’s CAL about a week or two after it started – many months ago!  No big deal though, because anyone can jump in, anytime. It’s also a mystery cal which meant participants didn’t know what the end would look like. It was meant to run 10 weeks, but all in all it took me maybe double that time.
I would crochet or knit all day everyday if I could – I’d do it for a living! But I have a full time job, other hobbies, and I need my time to just loaf around too, hehe. But working on this project has been really good for me. It’s a way to de-stress, and also a way to learn new stuff in crocheting.

Mystery CAL Afghan 2015 3

Mystery CAL Afghan 2015 3

My crochet bag didn’t make it to work this time around, but I did bring it with me on a few errands. Mostly though, I crocheted in the car while the Husband went grocery shopping. Yep – I drive the Hubby to the grocery & back. We list together the items we need, but it’s him who does the leg work 🙂

mystery CAL afghan 2015 2

So back to the project. I love the softness of the yarn! I prefer the feel of Caron Simply Soft over Red Heart Super Saver. I chose the jewel tones on the suggested color motif and it turned out bright and bold.


My favorite part of the project was the edging, I’d never done any work like that before and I liked the variety of stitches I got to use. I love how it turned out!



If I were to change anything though, I would have made more squares. I ended up with a baby blanket instead of an afghan, it’s just too small. I am considering making another one like it, but of a different palette.

For now, I sent it off to Amir. I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to have it for himself. When I was starting to make it he did ask to be made one, so I’ll let him have it if he wants. I think though that he might ask for a different one with reds and blues instead. 🙂



Rainbow’s End 

After a very long day at work, we all looked out the window, snapped and stared in awe at this rainbow. It was so vivid, and we could see the end of the rainbow – the golden Shell gasoline station across EDSA.

Whether there is or isn’t a pot of gold at that rainbow’s end didn’t matter. It’s appearance was enough to give us hope. We are in the midst of a transition at work right now and the numbers just don’t reflect where we know we should already be. It definitely broke the trend we were building up to in the past six weeks, but seeing the rainbow is a reminder to look at it in perspective. 

Yes, we knew that this evolution was going to give us a further handicap. We knew it was an added challenge. But we also know what we need to do to overcome it.

There is no doubt in my mind that relentless execution of the plan will see us through to consistent success.

Thank you, Rainbow. Your presence today sure brought back some hope and a dash of color. 

Friends, What does seeing the rainbow inspire in you? 

Oodles of Doodles

I know that I’ve always loved doodling. But I don’t think I’ve doodled so much like I do now! 🙂

It started when I bought a pack of Sharpies on sale and brought it to work with me, along with 4×6 cards. I made a number of greeting cards. And then, I just kept writing and doodling with my Sharpies. A few weeks later, I scored a pack of colored pens from the bookstore and it made the doodling so much easier. I like writing words, not so much shapes.

Doodles by Verabear

Doodles by Verabear


This is why I started thinking about learning more about lettering or calligraphy. I tried my hand on it back in highschool. I even bought a book, nibs and ink. But I soon realized it wasn’t the kind of writing I liked.

Have you heard about Abbey Sy? I recently followed her on Instagram (@abbeysy) and she does really beautiful type work. I’d love to have her book (The ABCs of Hand Lettering), and/or her lettering kit.

The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

The ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy – photo credit to Abbey Sy and


The Craft Central - Lettering Starter Kit

The Craft Central – Lettering Starter Kit

I know, I know. I already have hobbies I can’t even sustain. But I see lettering as possibly complementary to scrapbooking with Project Life. Imagine those journal cards and how lovely they’d look. 🙂

Ooooh so many hobbies. Hobbies that cost time and money – but also a lot of happiness. Haha. For now, the kit or classes on lettering would have to take least priority. But her book is only PhP 295 so that’s definitely affordable. Supplies might cost a bit though. We’ll see.

What about you? Do you like doodling or lettering too? Any hobbies?

I Had Cancer. Let Me Tell You What Chemo Patients Really Need.

Time. Essential oils. You taking my husband on a date. At the worst time in my life, I could have used a gift registry for things like these.

Source: I Had Cancer. Let Me Tell You What Chemo Patients Really Need.

(No, I didn’t have cancer. I am using WordPress’ Press This feature and the article title was assigned automatically.)

Anyway. So I had recently read Cancer is a Bitch, so one  might say that reading this piece from a cancer survivor is quite timely.

My takeaway – Gifts of time. It’s not just friends or family who are sick or getting treatment who would find such gifts priceless and valuable. Most any one would appreciate it. I know I would.

I think that if we really try hard, we can find ways to gift time and experiences to those dear to us.

I haven’t been a great gift giver lately. I’ve gone commercial, or I’ve resorted to picking items from social enterprises or handmade bespoke items just so my gifts would be meaningful. But if I really put more thought and love into the gifts, I would probably be able to find out what the recipient would appreciate more – because it answered a need they may not have even known existed.

Right now, I would appreciate a car wash. Haha. It’s just one of those things I choose not to spend my time on, you know? You don’t even have to wash it yourself. Just take the time to bring my car in for a good cleaning. I would be so thankful. 🙂

I do not mean to trivialize the point of the author from the Story of Stuff Blog. I just really feel that it applies to so many people and to a variety of situations.

I am also at this point where I want to be more intentional in how I spend my time. I’m surely a work in progress. Much of my time, for sure, is wasted on things that aren’t important. Reading about gifts of time and experience just fits right into that concept of intentional living that I would so like to achieve.

What do you think?


Gas up at Shell & Get a McDonald’s Voucher

I got gas from the Shell service station along Timog Avenue today and was surprised that there is a new promo in town:

Gas up at Shell

Gas up at Shell

For every PhP 1500.00 fuel purchase of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels or Shell FuelSave Gasoline (what I use), or PhP 2,500 on Shell FuelSave Diesel, you are entitled to a McDonald’s voucher for a free Cheeseburger or Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

I only filled my tank upto 1000 worth of FuelSave gas. Good thing is that  accumulated receipts are accepted. So next time I gas up for at least PhP 500, I’ll be sure to claim my voucher. Free is free is free. 🙂

In the past they would give back a PhP 50 Sodexho gift voucher for the same amount of purchase.


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