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Elephabet Book

Back in June, I posted about finding KickStarter. I’ve been by the site many times since and have oohed and aahed at various creative projects. Here’s one that I really really want to support:


It actually got all the funding it needs and more, but I still want to put in my pledge because I’d love to get a copy when it becomes available. I have 5 days to decide if I’m putting my money in this. 20 dollars would get me a signed softbound copy of the book plus 5 buttons. Shipping is estimated in December. Hmm..

I wonder how much the market price will be?  I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment, see. My Paypal funds are low because I haven’t been blogging as much as I should. Yeah, no shopping money. I just snooped around the project page and found the initial market price. It’s about the same, plus shipping which will potentially cost more than 5 dollars.

Back to Elephabet… So the artist makes these beautiful tiny sculptures of animals (elephants in particular for this project) in various themes. They’re so cute! I don’t know anyone locally who does these things. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The pre-sales/kickstarter packages have allow for certain pieces to be part of your pledge, but those are way beyond my budget. So I’m just eyeing the book itself. Hmm.

Artists like Bunny with a Toolbelt inspire me. We don’t all have to be corporate slaves, nor be stuck in Healthcare Aides Jobs nor labor all day under the heat of the sun (not that there’s anything wrong with these jobs). Some of us can do what we love and have fun while doing it. Oh okay, even corporate slaves can do that – they can actually have so much passion for their work that they happily rise each day and look forward to it. Bless them!

Haha. Just having one of those days. Smile

I finished a Book!

Reading this book took a few months. Having it in eformat was a major factor: I didn't tote my iPad with me everywhere. It also wouldn't sync to my iPhone's Kindle or I didn't know how to do it.  This book is for keeps. Something you'd want to pick up again after a few years. Life's instructions.

Guess you know what’s going up on Between the Covers soon. SmileI drove the boyfriend to a shoot and waited for him to finish. Forced me to catch up on my reading (that’s a good thing).

Google Reader

We cleaned up the PC because our 500GB hard drive was almost full. We got a new 1.5TB EHD (at almost half the cost of the 500GB EHD we bought years ago) and transferred all files we wanted to keep before re-formatting the old harddrive.

I got all my files and downloads transferred over – all photos are secure. Everything was ready. The boyfriend went ahead and cleaned up. The entire process of reformatting and reinstalling the OS was faster than previous times we’ve done it. There was almost no downtime.

Last night I sat in front of the PC and downloaded Google Chrome – my browser of choice. That’s when it hit me – I did not backup my bookmarks. This happened to me before and I was pretty sure I did some backup at some point, didn’t I? I logged on to my Google account but there was nothing in Bookmarks. Seriously?

So I set out to build up my link list but then I figured I’d just as well set them up in Google Reader as most of the sites I want to keep up with are actually blogs. Here’s an old video introducing Google Reader:


I’d never been an RSS reader fan – it took the fun away from blog hopping and I loved doing that. I tried using the RSS reader on the Windows Live Toolbar a long long time ago, but it just wouldn’t stick. It was no fun.

Thanks to this tutorial on I Heart Faces though, I can blog hop with the aid of Reader, without missing out on the personality of the blogs I visit. Smile What’s more, I don’t have to visit each one just to find out which ones are updated, I just hit Next on my Bookmarks bar and I’m on the next unread item on my list! Coolness!

I do receive blog feeds on my email, but sometimes I feel like it just adds clutter to my Inbox. So I might stop subscribing to feeds via email altogether.

How about you, how do you keep up with your favorite blogs?

I received a free book!

I review for BookSneeze

I saw this badge on a blog awhile back and signed up. That first time I was on the site, I didn’t understand how things worked; did they deliver to the Philippines? I wasn’t sure. So I didn’t order. A few weeks, maybe a month, later I saw a longtime blogger friend post a book review on her site for the book Why You Say It. Right at the bottom of her post, she mentioned receiving a copy to review via Book Sneeze. Well what do you know, they do deliver to the southeast!

So I logged back on to the site and ordered this book:

This morning, I finally received it.  A few days shy of a month after requesting for it.

I started reading it at the doctor’s clinic, while waiting at her lounge. In return for the free book, I just need to write a review which really is no chore. I like the book already. Stay tuned to my book review site, Between the Covers. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you’ve missed my review of one of the greatest graphic novels in recent history. 🙂 So head on over to Between the Covers. Now! 🙂

I think this is a great service, any way I can get books at no cost to me, is a brilliant service 🙂 If, like me, your trying to cut back on expenses (after doing a whole lot of shopping), then Book Sneeze might be the answer so you still get your book fix. I heard that Apple’s been shipping those new iPhone 4s all over the place, and if you just upgraded to one, then you’d probably want to save up for more iPhone 4 accessories, I know I would if I just got a hot new phone. Heck, I almost bought myself a pair of Sennheiser earphones the other week just because it matches the look of My S Phone. The boyfriend actually stopped me though. Anyway, get your book fix without spending a dime, checkout BookSneeze. 🙂

Between the Covers

… of a book, that is.

I’ve launched a new blog with that title. I figured, since I spend so much money on books, I might as well dedicate an entirely new blog for them. Checkout the banner I used, courtesy of Zoe Pearn’s Blog in a Box:

For a change, I used Blogger for this new blog and I’m actually liking it. I finally have a blog design that has a scrapbook feel, much like how my old blog was. There are already quite a number of posts on there, and you may be familiar with some of them. Naturally, I simply migrated posts here tagged with My Bookcase. I did add a note at the bottom of each post that they were being reposted – I wouldn’t want to be in trouble with Internet cops for duplicate content, lol. 🙂

What’s next kaya? I mean what other blogs will I give birth to? Haha. Maybe one for causes and charities, or maybe we can improve the blog of Baby Jon Angelo! Why not?! 🙂

Anyhoo, please go checkout In Between the Covers!

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