Adam is turning 1!

One of my best girlfriend’s baby is turning 1 year old on the 18th. I am looking forward to that because (I’m afraid to admit) I haven’t visited him ever. 🙁

I would so love to hear comments… 🙂

On another matter…

What I love most about my boyfriend (a tag from Tracy):

  • He understands my shortcomings.
  • He indulges my videoke addiction (haha!)
  • He’s good with kids.
  • He is a dog lover (yup, mine too Tracy). He is my Zune’s personal groomer.
  • He’s like a kid sometimes.
  • We love shopping together.
  • He’s my personal computer guy.
  • He resists when I tell him what he doesn’t like hearing, but accepts it in time.
  • I would not need to cook for him, he’ll take care of it 🙂
  • He slides in first in the backseat of cabs – I don’t like having to do that, so unlike most, it’s not ladies first when we ride a taxi.
  • He encourages me to dream bigger and reach higher.
  • He is working his way to being the best him that he can be.
  • Though our personalities and interests are as different as night and day, we complement each other.
  • Wherever he is, I feel at home.
  • There’s nothing that I really love best about him, I just love all of him.

Summers are not good for daytime sleeping

I have been awake for more than 24 hours. Ok, there may have been an hour’s sleep somewhere there, and a few minutes here and there since I came home, but I am just not rested and my body just refuses to stay put and go to sleep. Must be because it is so darn hot!

One thing I’ve been thankful for the past month is having been in the day shift at work – I don’t have to endure this afternoon heat and toss and turn and sweat instead of getting my much needed sleep. But thanks to events outside of our control, I will have to go back to the night shift next week.

I don’t know how long that’s going to be, but I sure hope it’s only for the week.

Is there anything good about moving to the new schedule (or rather back to my old one)? Well, I’d have a four-day weekend starting today until tuesday morning 🙂 That’s the silver lining – the only one I see. For now.

So anyway, I clocked in about 14 hours at work last night. Had to get things done. I only felt giddy on the last hour (bordering on exhaustion) and surprisingly, that was the only time I was also really sleepy.

Music & Lyrics

Ok, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this movie, but every time I do, I enjoy it. I sing the song over and over sometimes 🙂

Thanks to Tracy who posted this video over at her blog, I now know the lyrics to Alex Fletcher’s very own composition, the one he wrote and performed at the concert. Yes, the one that got the girl 🙂 It’s not my favorite song, it isn’t as catchy nor poetic (sorry, I am not a literary genius ok) as Way back into love but it’s got magic. With songs, sometimes, it’s the thought that counts. Or rather, it’s how it makes you feel that matters. And who wouldn’t have a soft spot for someone who sings that?

14 Vera Bits

I am such a procrastinator aren’t I? I missed the deadline to yet another challenge, one I really really wanted to participate in. I couldn’t get off work on time so I wasn’t able to finish the layout right away. Was supposed to finish it last night but I got too sleepy and then did not wake up early enough to complete it. I still want to share it with the Sunshine Designers and I do hope they check it out. I don’t mind not getting the goodies (ok, I do, a little. hehe)

I posted a better sized image over at so the journalling can be read better. Check it out from there if you want, but here it is:

I love how it turned out. The 14 bits are totally random. It’s anything about myself that I could think of tonight 🙂

Earth Hour Philippines and Pinoy Big Brother

Sadly, we didn’t get to participate in Earth Hour 100%. We reduced our lighting in the house by maybe 75%. We couldn’t turn out the lights outside because my nephew had his joint graduation and birthday celebration at dinner Saturday night and so guests were still outside. That means the lights were on in their house, for sure.

I am not sure how big an impact the event has really made in this country. Honestly, I didn’t hear much about Earth Hour until maybe a day or two before its schedule. I received an email about it from someone at work but the date didn’t stick. I didn’t hear much about it on TV, or maybe I just wasn’t watching or not paying attention, I know I probably didn’t check out the papers.

Perhaps if ABS-CBN covered it more, and if they had Pinoy Big Brother promote Earth Hour, there would have been more participation. I’m serious. We were tuned in to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus some time past 8 and I was thinking, aren’t they participating in Earth Hour? Even if people would have still been consuming energy by watching the show, they (or we) could have done it in darkness, with the only light coming from our TV monitors. They could have done it inside Big Brother’s house, and had the teeners share their stories over candle light. There could have been less lighting for the show’s hosts outside the house, and maybe they could have just walked the ‘guardians’ in instead of having them brought in through a limo service.

Next time, team up with Pinoy Big Brother and Earth Hour will be more successful in the Philippines than this year’s.

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